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  • 11 Nov 2015

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There is one county – Okoro County and 10 LLGs namely Abanga, Atyak, Jangokoro, Kango, Nyapea, Paidha, Paidha Town Council, Warr, Zeu and Zombo Town Council. The LLGs have 44 Parishes/Wards as administrative units with 605 villages.

Plans are underway to create a new county called Ora to be curved from Okoro County to comprise the Subcounties of Kango, Zeu, Warr and Atyak to headquartered at Warr.

In addition, there are new Subcounties which have approved for Akaa, Alangi and Athuma to be curved from Zeu, Kango and Jangokoro respectively. These new Subcounties shall be operationalised in FY 2016/17 amid the implementation stage of this plan. When operationalised, the total number of administrative units in the district shall be 2 Counties, 9 Subcounties, 2 Town Councils, 44 Parishes and 605 Villages. It is envisaged that the creation of the new administrative units shall bring services closer to the people and improve on service delivery. It is still worth noting that there are further proposals to upscale Paidha Town Council to a Municipal status.

The proposed Municipal Council will have to merge Paidha Town Council and Abanga Subcounty for a meaningful size and resource potentials.
Administratively, the District is headed by the CAO who supervises Heads of Departments/sectors. The departments/sectors are:-

  • Administration,
  • Finance,
  • Statutory Bodies,
  • Production and Marketing,
  • Health,
  • Education and Sports,
  • Works,
  • Water and Sanitation,
  • Natural Resources,
  • Community Based Services,
  • Planning Unit and
  • Internal Audit.

The Heads of these departments/sectors report to the CAO and have departmental staff to supervise.

Subcounties are headed by Subcounty Chiefs/Senior Assistant Secretaries and the two Town Councils are headed by Town Clerks and all have staff in different departments to supervise.

On the political leadership, the Council is the supreme organ of the district and exercises its mandate through the Council meetings and sectoral committee meetings. All proceedings of the council are chaired by the Speaker/Deputy Speaker but the leader of the district is the Chairman LC 5.

The structure at the district include:-

  • the Vice Chairperson,
  • the Sectoral Committees over seen by Secretaries as follows;
  • Secretary for Finance, Planning,
  • Administration and Technical Services;
  • Secretary for Production,
  • Environment and Natural resources and
  • Secretary for Gender,
  • Community Development and Social Services.

The total number of Councilors is 20 of which 08 are female and 12 and males. There are 2 female occupying executive positions and this includes the Office of the Vice Chairperson.

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