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Kakura Emmy Kizito - Zombo DistrictI warmly welcome you to Zombo district website portal. The intended purpose for this web portal is to enable the district provide its clientele with information on the Local Government System, implementation of the decentralisation policy and how it has transformed service delivery in Uganda since its inception.

Zombo district is located in West Nile region of North western part of Uganda. Zombo boarders Arua district, Nebbi district and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the South and West.
Zombo was created by Act of Parliament and became functional on 1 July 2009 after being curved out of Nebbi District.

Zombo District is made up of the following Subcounties: Kango, Atyak, Zen, Nyapea, Jangokoro, Paidha and Paidha T.C. There are 44 parishes and 605 villages. The main ethnicity is Alur (Luo) but there are also the: Kebu, Lendu, Lugbara and Madi.

Our Mission: To coordinate, support and advocate for Local Governments for sustainable, efficient and effective service delivery in the decentralized system of governance.

Our Vision: To have a democratic, participatory, decentralized local government system that can sustain development and deliver services efficiently and effectively to the people.

In our 5 years of existence we have achieved a lot and some of them are as follows:-

  1. Roads & Infrastructure: Improved our road network with 291KM being worked on to mulm road level in most of the counties. And also constructed district offices in Zombo town.
  2. Agricultural sector: Zombo District is located in hilly steep U shaped and V shaped valleys with good red and dark clay and loamy soils that are mature and fertile to grow all foods of Uganda.
    We have been able to empower lots of households with skills to improve their production to a commercial level. This has been done through our DFI (District Farming Institute). With projects like “Operation creation” from NAADS have really helped our farmers to grow exponentially.
    We have the best coffee grown in western region. Farmers here have benefited from the growing market ofcourse with help of partners like KAWACOM, NUCAFE that have invested heavily for good yields.
  3. Education sector: Over 93 primary schools have been constructed both government aided and private and over 10 secondary schools are in place with much restoration of Warr girls senior secondary school which was a pride of West Nile in late 70s.
  4. Health Sector: We have greatly benefited from the Holy Family Hospital of Nyapea which is locally known as Nyapea Hospital has filled in the gap of referral hospital for the district. We have Health centres
  5. Zombo district continues to invest in tree planting, tea projects and much more that will be a substantial source of income for the residents.

Zombo TownWe have a number of exciting tourist attractions including Adoka river water falls; cultural sites; sports, variety of dances like Agwara dance, instruments like Adungu and various other forms of entertainment.

We also have a number of development partners like USAID, PRDP, DANIDA, the Open Wealth Creation Project that have enabled a lot of developments in the district, mainly: construction of schools; tree planting and other agriculture; provision of safe water; road construction, to mention just a few. There has also been a boost in the local economy as more trade opportunities are identified.

I wish to affirm that Zombo District is ready for business and encourage investors and traders to come work with us.

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