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  • 11 Nov 2015

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District Vision
“A literate, healthy, productive and empowered people of Zombo District by 2040”

District Mission Statement
“To serve the people of Zombo District through coordinated delivery of quality services with focus on National and Local priorities for improved quality of life”

Core Values of the District

The key values that always guide us in the way we serve our clients and conduct our business both internally and externally as a Local Government are:

a. Integrity
We shall observe honesty in all our official acts. This shall extend beyond financial considerations to include staying away from any un merited advantage of any kind to any person, family or friends.

b. Objectivity
In the execution of our duties we shall exercise impartiality and always demonstrate professional and political objectivity.

c. Professionalism
We shall at all level act according to standardized code of conduct. We shall therefore exercise selflessness, honesty and will always accept constructive criticism.

d. Transparency and accountability
We shall at all times be personally accountable for our official actions. This embraces all levels of responsibility. We shall also exhibit a high level of openness.

e. Participation and involvement
We shall always, where possible cherish and practice the principle of inclusiveness, participation and involvement. In so doing we shall enhance a close partnership with the people we serve and the development partners.

d. Loyalty
We undertake to be loyal to the people of Zombo, as well as the Local and Central Government. We shall therefore defend and uphold the Government policies and laws as well as fully support the Local Government programs and activities.

e. Openness and information sharing
We shall be open and communicate clearly and effectively in simple language in order to help consumers of our information conceptualize them easily. We shall also provide to our clients all information related to service delivery on a quarterly and annual basis, and/or indeed at any such time that such information may be required, subject to established laws and procedures.

f. Innovation and improvement
We shall continually look for ways to improve on our facilities and the services we offer.

g. Availability and approachability
We shall as government at all times be available and approachable when our services are required

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