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Zombo district is mainly madeup of the Alur (Luo) ethnicity people and spread with numerous tribes like the Kebu, Lendu, Lugbara and Madi.

The Alur are one of the various ethnic groups that inhabit the west Nile part of Uganda. They live amongst the Okebu, Lendu, Kakwa, Alinga and other ethnic groups of West Nile. However, unlike their neighbors who are Sudanic, the Alur are Luo.  They are Nilotics and they belong to the same language group as the Acholi, the Japadhola, the Joluo of Kenya, the Shiluk, the Anuak and other Luo of the Northern Sudan.


Most members of the group speak Alur, a language closely related to Acholi and Adhola. Some Alur speak Lendu or Kebu.[citation needed] Alur language dialects vary considerably. The highland Alur (Okoro) speak a slightly different dialect from the lowland Alur (Jonam), and it might be difficult to for a native highland Alur person to properly understand his lowland kinsman.


King Phillip Olarker Rauni III is current king of Alur kingdom coronized in 2010. All Alur Kings are referred to as "Rwoth" with chiefs governing different states namly Angal,Juganda, Jukoth, Mukambu, War Palara, Panduru, Ukuru, Paidha, Padeo and Panyikano.Alur african huts

Based on the royal spear head bearing tradition, the Ubimu of Alur tribe H.M Philip Olarker Rauni III is the supreme ruler of the entire Alur tribe, with his capital at Kaal Atyak Winam, Zombo district – Uganda.

Ways of Living

Traditionally people of Zombo live in huts mostly Alur live in typical African huts. The homesteads in Alur clans lay in the central part of their territory. This helps keeps the territory under their control. The Alur have different styles of hut building. The people in highlands build flat roofs and those in low lands build stepped like roofs.

The Alur were farmers and herders. They grow cassava, maize, sweet potatoes, matooke, pumpkins and they herd goats with cows on low end plus chickens. Goat and chicken are true important sources of meat.
Their traditional food consists of Angira, kwon and Amina which make their foods one of the delicious foods in Uganda.

The traditional clothing is Upocu


The Alur people are the master mind behind the Adungu instrument which they usually play during the Agwara dance. This dance is most times performed to entertain the King.

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