Finance and Planning


Identification, collection and management of revenues from local and central government and non-state sources for effective and efficient delivery of services

Key Output Areas

  • ·         Local Government Financial Management Services
  • ·         Revenue Management and Collection Services
  • ·         Budgeting and Planning Services
  • ·         Local Government Accounting Services


  • ·         Mobilisation and identification of new revenue potentials.
  • ·         Production of monthly, bi-annual and annual financial statements
  • ·         Preparation of Annual Budgets
  • ·         Preparation and Submission of Final Accounts

Operational Challenges

  • However, currently the local revenue constitutes only 2% of the district budget hence negatively affecting the operations of key sectors that rely heavily on the local revenue, such Administration, finance council operations, planning unit and internal audit.
  • Most of the revenue potential have not been unlocked, this basically due capacity gap, lack of innovations, couple with under staffing.
  • The district budget still poses a challenge in that 98% of the budget is financed from Central government transfers and donor community who attach stringent conditions, this therefore pauses a big sustainability question in the event of donor pull out.
  • Though key books of accounts are maintained, legal frame work are adhered to inadequate staffing bogs down the departments effort.
  • Timely Accountability of fund is still a big challenge. The issue of accountability has continued to remain high in annual audit report by the Auditor General.
  • The department structure is that there should be the Chief finance officer, Senior Finance officer, Accountant, four senior accounts assistants at the district head quarter and eight senior accounts assistants at the subcounty level; however, there are three senior accounts assistant at the district headquarter and only four at the sub counties. The existing staff at the district share four rooms allocated to the department.