District Planning Unit

The District Planning Unit is responsible for coordination of all planning activities in the district. The overall output is production and dissemination of the District Development Plan every 5 years, Annual and Quarterly Workplans and Budgets, Coordination of Monitoring and Evaluation of government programmes throughout the district, Building the Capacity of LG and LLGs staff to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate development programmes within the field of Planning Unit jurisdiction. Some of the standard and non-standard outputs areas of the District Planning Unit include; Management of the District Planning Unit, District Planning (includes functionality of the DTPC), Operational Planning, Development Planning (includes key events and processes e.g. Budget Conference, support to LLGs to adhere to and, complete planning cycles), Project formulation, Statistical Data Collection, Demographic Data Collection, Monitoring and Evaluation

Currently, the unit has very poor staffing level and all the activities of the unit are being managed by one individual i.e. Senior Planner. However, plans are under way to recruit two more officers in the FY 2015/16 i.e. Planner and Population officer in order to bridge on the staffing gap. The unit has been allocated two rooms for office space, one currently is being used as the data/ resource centre; In addition to that, the unit is equipped with four desktop computers and two laptops, two filling cabinets, office desks and other small equipment. 

Annually, planning Unit receives on average 0.7 % of the total District Budget for effective implementation of activities which are under the mandate of the unit; the unit however is faced with a number of operational challenges of which the main ones include: Low staffing levels and lack of transport means.