Location & Size

Zombo Location and Land Size

Location: Zombo district is found in the West Nile region of Uganda located in the North western part of the country. It is 70 km (43 miles) south of Arua Town, the regional capital and 382 km (237 miles) North-West of Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda. The District is bordered by Arua District to the North, Nebbi District, from which it was curved, to the East and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the South and West.  Spatially, it lies at 020 30N, 300 54E; 2.5000N 30.9000E.

Land Size: The district sits on a total land size of 939.3 km2. This land area in square kilometers is distributed as follows; Kango 148.1, Jangokoro 124.7, Nyapea 80.4, Paidha 124.6, Zeu 158.3, Atyak 152.2, Paidha Town Council 16.6, Abanga 41.2, Zombo Town Council 41.6 and Warr 51.6. Of this land, 91% is arable land, 5% is swamps and running water and a further 4% comprises forests and forest reserves.